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Cruise Compete
Cruise Compete Family Travel Planner Discounts Guide Information

The 2016 Family-Friendly Cruise Travel Planner is published by highly-acclaimed CruiseCompete and designed to kick-start planning a great family cruise vacation.

This easy-to-read guide features brief summaries highlighting if the cruise line fits your basic requirements. Also, it provides detailed information about the atmosphere on board, the destinations traveled and available specific children’s programs.

Cruises make for an excellent family vacation, but it's important to plan carefully if you want to find the cruise that’s right for everyone in your clan.

The experts at CruiseCompete have done the research for you, covering the entire spectrum of options with information on mainstream lines like Disney, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and NCL, as well as unique alternatives like luxury, river, and small ship excursion companies.

Not all cruise lines have children’s programs. Some have minimum age requirements for children (and pregnancy policies for expectant mothers!) Others don't permit children to sail at all. If you’re planning a family vacation, pick a cruise line that meets your specific needs, where children will be entertained and parents can enjoy their time on board. It will feel much more like money well spent.

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