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Haines - The Adventure Capital of Alaska
Haines Visitors Guide Alaska Fishing Visitors Guide Sightseeing

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Fairbanks Alaska Tourism Brochure Vacation Guide Travel Deals
  • Fairbanks Alaska Tourism Brochure Vacation Guide Travel Deals

Fairbanks, Alaska

Go deep inside Alaska, where the unparalleled meets the unexpected. Fairbanks emanates a quality of light, energy and warmth found nowhere else on Earth. It’s not just our Northern Lights, which will change you, or our Midnight Sun, which will charm you. It’s the unexpected Alaska.

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For much of the year the northern lights shine brightly here. In summer the midnight sun will boost your energy when you think the day is already done. Alaska's second largest city, Fairbanks has been the heartbeat of the Interior Alaska for over 100 years. As the gathering place on the banks of the Chena River, Fairbanks is home to many cultures, a vivid arts community, sporting and outdoor enthusiasts, and America’s Arctic University.

With a rich gold rush history, our past and future blend easily. Historic log cabins mingle with award-winning modern designs. One may just as easily see a dog team crossing the road as be passed by an elegant limousine. A variety of accommodations, from ultra-modern hotels with wireless Internet to rooms sculpted from ice, make for an exciting stay. Flight seeing, gold panning, cross-country skiing and many other activities will make for an unforgettable experience.

Come and experience the light, energy and warmth of Fairbanks. It's the unexpected Alaska.


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Ketchikan Alaska Salmon Guide Fishing Native Visitors Guide Travel Vacation Brochure Lodging Adventure

    Ketchikan, AK

    Ketchikan, Alaska, is truly the beginning of the last frontier. Residing in the southernmost entryway to Alaska’s famed Inside Passage — a network of waterways that wind through some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world — Ketchikan is best known for three things: salmon, astonishing scenery, and rich Alaska Native culture.

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    Known as"The Salmon Capital of the World," we are obviously proud of our fishing culture and enthusiastic about providing opportunities for visitors to catch and otherwise enjoy the best seafood you can find.

    Ketchikan is a photographer’s dream: in all directions you’ll find an image suitable for framing. Misty Fjords National Monument, with impossibly blue lakes, and snow-topped mountaintops often enveloped in mist, is the most beautiful jewel in our crown.
    We are also located in amid the Tongass National Forest, a 17 million acre rain forest full of lush cedar, Sitka spruce, waterfalls, and wildlife.

    For local Native Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian artists, the Tongass Rainforest provides red cedar logs for totem poles and the cedar bark and spruce roots used in traditional basket weaving. The Native arts are thriving here in Ketchikan and there are several museum collections and totem parks that showcase both ancient and more contemporary works.
    There is this, and so much more. Request a guide book to find out what you're missing!


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